Hello Chicisima!

Chicisimo is a community of women with a common interest: fashion. This is your place, whether you want to save outfit ideas, or share your style and inspire others. Chicisimo is real fashion on real people.

Every day, millions of women wonder what to wear. Here at Chicisimo, we are on a mission to help you multiply your closet possibilities X 1000!


Lets imagine a pair of yellow pants:

There are tons of ways of wearing a pair of yellow pants, and it’s not always easy to find the perfect one for you and your closet.

Chicisimo is your personal assistant for this matter. It helps you discover new ways of wearing those yellow pants, thanks to the looks shared by people like you. Also, Chicisimo lets you keep organized those ideas you liked, in your own albums.


I hope you find it useful and fun:). If you need any help, please let me know, I’ll be happy to help. My email is maria@chicisimo.com


Want to learn more? Read about our Community rules, learn about our technology, or meet our team (we are always searching for the right people who fit our culture!). And of course, you can go and get some ideas for those yellow pants in your closet:).

Chicisimo is the fashion app that gives you superpowers
to multiply your wardrobe's possibilities a thousand
What shall I wear with this?
Discover the thousands of combinations that you wouldn't have thought of for your clothes.
I'm going to save this idea
Save thousands of looks by real women,
to apply them to your own clothes.
I love this look @maria, what do you think?
Discuss and share the looks that you and your friends like. Together you’ll multiply your superpower.