Zara and H&M, the brands people wear most often. Chanel and Louis Vuitton, luxury brands people wear most often

II Street Fashion Report

One in every four times you get dressed, you wear something from Zara. One out of every five times, you wear something from H&M. Half of the time, you wear something black. But today you are more likely to wear something red than some months ago.

February 21st, 2011.- With fashion weeks taking place in NYC, Paris, Milan, Madrid… we’ve wanted to take a look at what people really wear. Street fashion community Chicisimo has just released data on the brands people wear most often, and other interesting findings and current trends.

Zara is the fashion brand that people wear most often in their everyday life, followed closely by H&M: One out of every four times people get dressed, they wear something from Zara. After Zara and H&M, the second group of brands that people wear most often include Blanco, Forever21 and Primark. After these, you can find Stradivarius, Topshop and Bershka.

And the luxury brands people wear most often are Chanel and Louis Vuitton, followed by Gucci.

WHAT PEOPLE WEAR, can now be measured
These findings are the result of an analysis of the data on Chicisimo, the street fashion community where fashionistas upload photographs of what they wear and tell their friends what brands they are wearing on each look. The findings indicate that approximately 24% of looks shared include an item from the brand Zara, while approximately 21% of the looks include an item from brand H&M.

Two facts about the most popular luxury brands (Chanel and Louis Vuitton): (1) these luxury accessories are always mixed with mass market brands, like Zara and H&M, and (2) luxury items tend to be accessories.

About color: half of the times, people wear something black. One third of the times, something white. Different types of gray, blues and browns are the next most worn colors. This is really interesting, and since we learnt about this fact, we can’t stop looking at people on the street checking whether this is really true or not. Do the exercise yourself, it’s fun!

THREE CURRENT TRENDS: Red as trendy color, vests and long dresses.

And what is happening right now? We’ve seen an increase in the use of two colors: red and dark/military greens. Lets take a look at red, for example. The data shows that red is the color that has moved up more significantly during the past 8 weeks. Take a look at some beautiful looks with red (from left to right: laumaybe from Spain, Mode Junkie from Germany and gaby-de-moda-capital from Mexico).

Vests are also being worn more frequently than before. Some very nice examples, below, by myshelle from Belgium, april0317 from China and deardiary from Spain.

Long skirts are also trendy right now. Take a look at the examples below, by stylelover from Andorra, nobz from the USA, and fashiononblog from Austria.

And finally, something we think its really interesting. On Chicisimo you can see how the same item is worn very differently, even by girls from the same country. It’s a great inspiration, choose your style!

- Three Spanish fashionistas wearing the same red Zara dress: cristina-cpgPaula R and missnobody.

- Three fashionistas from The Netherlands wearing the same Asos Echarpe: iireene, Sara and fashionfifth.

Technical data

Chicisimo Street Fashion Report

Origin of the data:
- The data has been gathered analyzing 30 000 looks shared on Chicisimo by 6 000 fashionistas between July 2010 and February 10th 2011.

Profile of users:
- Age: 80% of users from 17 to 35 years old
- Gender: 100% female
- Fashion lovers
- Living in large urban areas from 44 countries, mostly Europe and the USA
- Very active online and with a large number of friends on social networks.

- Girls upload a look, and they tag the look with the brands they wear. They can also mention the colors they are wearing.
- We count the number of times girls have explicitly mentioned they wear a brand, or a color, and divide that number by the total number of looks shared.

About Chicisimo

Chicisimo is a community of fashionistas sharing their personal style and inspiring each other. An awesome place to discover awesome fashionistas!