Guns n Roses il y a 643 days

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Commentaires (26)

  1. SpeakingPrada

    il y a 604 days

    cutest blouse everrr!!!

  2. Fleur du BijÖu

    il y a 611 days

    qué ideal este look,
    mi chic :)

  3. HeyApple!

    il y a 618 days

    nice shirt!!

  4. marthisfashionista

    il y a 622 days

    Mi chic me encanto guapa…

  5. mezniquee

    il y a 637 days

    hey thanks for the happy birthday comment it was in April of this year. But just had to stop by to say love your look.

  6. annalisamagelli

    il y a 639 days

    your shirt is beautiful! ^^

  7. kandyday

    il y a 642 days



    il y a 642 days

    Molto carina! Baci Lucy

  9. itsmeaitana

    il y a 642 days

    i love your blouse ;)


  10. Brandator

    il y a 643 days

    Oh, my dear! You are as usual perfect!!!! So beautiful & very very CHIC!!!

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